#409 - Select all sub-type for filtering no longer works
Type Defect
Status Fixed
Milestone 3.4.2
Version 3.4.1
Component Ticket Filters
Priority Normal
Severity Trivial
Assigned to Jack
Reported 10 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What did you do to cause this?

Attempting to click on the 'heading' within a type for use in filtering.

What page were you on?

Tickets page.

What PHP and MariaDB versions do you run?

MySQL: 5.1.73-1-log PHP: 5.3.3-7+squeeze18

Describe the defect:

Ticket #394 added the ability to "select all" of a category by clicking on the heading for use in filtering.

This no longer appears to work in 3.4.1.

Clicking each of the sub-items, or ctrl-/shift-clicking for multiple selections still works as expected.

Ticket History

10 years and 3 months ago by Jack

  • Component Ticket Filters
  • Severity Normal Trivial
  • Status New Accepted
  • Assigned to Jack

I tested with Firefox and Chrome, it appears to be broken in Chrome and possibly other WebKit/Blink based browsers.

Jack closed as Fixed 10 years and 3 months ago