ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
243 Password hashes are not salted Completed Trupik Enhancement Users 3.0
20 Updating tickets in completed Milestones changes ticket Milestone Completed Jack Defect Tickets 0.5
26 Localisations Completed Mythos Feature Core 0.6
42 $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] issue, traq not working Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
53 Protect usernames Completed Mythos Task Tickets 0.6
290 Human verification Completed Jack Feature Users 3.0
294 2.4 to 3.0 Migration Completed Jack Task Install/Upgrade 3.0
308 Delete ticket issue Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.0.3
321 Severities table doesn't auto increment ID Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.7
86 Roadmap - erverything is complete! (Your Traq) Fixed Mythos Defect Roadmap 0.6
90 Check if /install direction is available Invalid Mythos Task Core 0.6
97 reCaptcha Completed Jack Feature Core 2.0
104 [0.6]Browse Source not working Closed Mythos Defect Core 0.6.1
117 New Installer Completed Jack Task Install/Upgrade 2.0
370 Switch to the Avalon framework Rejected Jack Task Core 4.0
380 Deleted Accounts Break Multiple Views Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Core 3.3
393 Change ownership of database rows when deleting a user Fixed Jack Defect Users 3.3
395 Fix upgrade process Fixed Jack Defect Install/Upgrade 3.3.1
396 Upgrade cannot find CustomFieldValue model Fixed Jack Defect Install/Upgrade 3.3.3
399 Anti-flood security: pause between ticket submissions Completed Menelion ElensĂșlĂ« Enhancement 3.3.4
402 Remove usage of models from upgrade process Fixed Jack Task Install/Upgrade 3.4.1
419 Add support for https:// Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement 3.5.1
170 Ticket view doesn't work! Fixed Mythos Defect Tickets 2.0
180 Simplicity Closed Jack Enhancement Core 3.0
437 reCaptcha Plugin Accepted Jack Feature Plugins Future