ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
288 Unable to view or delete an attachment with symbols in its name Fixed ihenry Defect Tickets 3.0
289 Ordered list in new Ticket is broken Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.4.0
302 Errors for non-existent objects Fixed arturo182 Defect 3.0
304 Custom fields not working Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.1
305 Error deleting projects Fixed Jack Defect AdminCP 3.0.2
306 Creating a new ticket with a closed status shows up as open Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.0.2
307 Notification email headers issue Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.3
308 Delete ticket issue Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.0.3
309 Undefined index 'milestone' on new ticket page Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.0.4
310 Ticket list pagination doesn't work when current page = total pages - 1 Fixed michob Defect Tickets 3.0.4
311 Installer view error Fixed James William Defect Install/Upgrade 3.0.9
312 Timeline bleeding between multiple projects Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Timeline 3.0.5
313 Restricted projects not so restricted Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Core 3.0.5
314 Anonymous Tickets Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Users 3.0.6
319 Incorrect URL for column sorting in issues list Fixed John Hobson Defect 3.0.7
320 When tickets list is sorted by a column all other sorting disabled Fixed John Hobson Defect 3.0.7
321 Severities table doesn't auto increment ID Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.7
322 Restricted project tickets leaking Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Users 3.0.7
86 Roadmap - erverything is complete! (Your Traq) Fixed Mythos Defect Roadmap 0.6
88 Install error caused by origin Fixed Mythos Defect Install/Upgrade 0.6
325 Email notification html-converted subjects Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Core 3.0.7
91 Creating project without managers - error Fixed Mythos Defect AdminCP 0.6
330 Plugin page not working Fixed Holger Braehne Defect Plugins 3.0.8
331 Milestone filtering partially non-functional Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Ticket Filters 3.0.8
332 Database Error when creating project Fixed MisterX Defect AdminCP 3.1