ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
389 Better Focus in Task Management Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 3.3
391 Login after registration: redirect to registration form Fixed Thomas Defect 3.3
392 Security Question Help Tip Illegible Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 3.3
399 Anti-flood security: pause between ticket submissions Completed Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement 3.3.4
400 Ticket page throwing php errors Fixed Peter Defect 3.4
403 Custom fields do not get saved at all Fixed fadattf Defect 3.4.2
404 3.2.2 to 3.4.1 Upgrade Error Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect 3.4.2
408 Intelligent Ticket URL Linker Misses Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect 3.4.2
412 Ticket Update Stale Event Time Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect 3.5
413 Ticket Search By Owner Breaks Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect 3.5
414 Project order alphabetically New fadattf Enhancement 4.1
415 Remember Login Completed fadattf Enhancement 4.0
160 Add IF NOT EXISTS to install.sql Completed arturo182 Enhancement 2.0
416 Some text appears "ajout en début de section" Invalid Mindiell Defect 3.5
417 Impossible to create ticket with multiple select custom filed Fixed Michel LAURENT Defect 3.5
418 Custom field not depending on type when updating Fixed Michel LAURENT Defect 3.5.1
419 Add support for https:// Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement 3.5.1
164 Source code browser Completed Pierre Enhancement 2.0
420 Add a print stylesheet for better display when printing a ticket or a list Accepted Michel LAURENT Enhancement 4.1
422 File-Upload support New Lukas Feature Future
423 Assign to group member Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 4.1
424 Mass action email only sends for last ticket New Jamie R. McPeek Defect Better Notifications
425 Relative links incorrect on main page in Wiki Completed Loek Hilgersom Defect 3.5.1
426 New Status Type "in Development" Completed fadattf Enhancement 4.0
427 MySQL Strict Mode error while creating project Fixed Erwin Defect 3.5.2