ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
439 Password migration prompt Completed Jack Task Users 3.7
440 Force user to change password Closed Jack Task Users 4.0
192 Admin cannot view Guest's tickets Fixed Jani Yli-Paavola Defect Tickets 2.2
451 Some models are broken on PHP 7+ Fixed alex Defect Core 3.7.2
453 Use an established framework Completed Jack Enhancement Core 4.0
206 Can't change password in UserCP Duplicate Dmitry Defect Users 2.2
210 multiple xss vulns Closed stetus Defect 2.3.2
213 Merge framework into repository Completed Jack Task Core 3.0
10 Timeline ID field in DB Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 0.3
251 Missing MySQL data Invalid Devon Hazelett Defect Core 3.0
24 Guests may submit a ticket option Duplicate Mythos Feature Tickets 0.5
259 Registration validation Completed Jack Enhancement Users 3.1
29 Search filter Completed Jack Feature Core 2.2
267 XML parse error from update checker Fixed vaidas Defect Install/Upgrade 2.3.7
32 Traq doesn't work with cyrillic words in UTF-8 mode. Fixed Anonymous Defect Tickets 0.6.1
269 The time_ago_in_words function should make use of the plurals feature Completed Jack Enhancement 3.0
279 Permissions API New Jack Enhancement 4.0
284 Class 'ProjectSettingsAppController' not found Fixed cornbread Defect AdminCP 3.0
285 Unable to load view 'projectsettings/milestones/delete' Fixed cornbread Defect AdminCP 3.0
50 Show assignedTo field in ticket list Completed fabianCastle Defect Tickets 0.6
286 WYSIWYG editing of Markdown Accepted cornbread Enhancement Core 4.0
292 Edit own comments Accepted car adriano Defect Tickets 4.0
304 Custom fields not working Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.1
307 Notification email headers issue Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.3
73 Akismet Completed Jack Enhancement Core 0.6