ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
33 xxx Invalid Anonymous Defect AdminCP Future
267 XML parse error from update checker Fixed vaidas Defect Install/Upgrade 2.3.7
286 WYSIWYG editing of Markdown Accepted cornbread Enhancement Core 4.0
74 WYSIWYG Closed Jack Enhancement Core 1.0
145 Wrong hook name Fixed arturo182 Defect Plugins 2.0
347 wiki pages are created with invalid characters in slug Fixed Timo B Enhancement Wiki 3.2
234 Wiki page history Completed Jack Feature Wiki 3.5
8 Wiki Markup Completed Jack Feature Core 0.3
320 When tickets list is sorted by a column all other sorting disabled Fixed John Hobson Defect 3.0.7
368 When editing a milestone, a default date appears Fixed Menelion ElensĂșlĂ« Defect Project Settings 3.2.2
149 Web-based config Completed Pierre Enhancement Install/Upgrade 2.2
411 View ticket permission Completed fadattf Enhancement Permissions 3.5
155 View milestone tickets Rejected Pierre Enhancement Roadmap 2.0
266 Users with only 'comment' permissions on tickets wipe out all ticket metadata Fixed Tilius Defect 2.3.6
432 Users can sign up with same email more than once Fixed Callum Defect Users 3.6
199 Usercp changes password to hash of email Fixed Steve Karolewics Defect Users 2.2
198 UserCP Assigned Tickets should only be open tickets. Completed Marcus Enhancement 2.2
429 User pruning Completed Jack Feature Users 3.6
93 User profiles, user statistics, avatars, news, etc. Closed Mythos Feature Core 1.0
211 User Profiles Completed Shamil Nunhuck Feature Users 3.0
9 User and User Group Management Completed Jack Feature AdminCP 0.3
442 Use view inheritance Completed Jack Enhancement Core 4.0
247 use of depreciated mysql_escape_sting() Fixed Devon Hazelett Defect Core 2.3.3
216 Use Observer instead of hooks Completed Pierre Enhancement Plugins 3.0
453 Use an established framework Completed Jack Enhancement Core 4.0