ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
354 Store custom field values in their own table Completed Jack Enhancement Custom fields 3.3
372 Allow registration doesn't block guest registrations Fixed Silvio Delgado Defect 3.3
373 Page container - min-height Rejected Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.3
374 Brazilian Portuguese translation done Invalid Silvio Delgado Feature 3.3
375 SQL error while creating new ticket in MySQL Strict mode Fixed Erwin Defect 3.3
378 Hide current filter settings Completed Valeriy Enhancement 3.3
379 site is not stable Invalid Valeriy Defect 3.3
380 Deleted Accounts Break Multiple Views Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Core 3.3
382 Ticket history sorting Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Tickets 3.3
388 Flow Back to Parent Site Completed Jamie R. McPeek Feature 3.3
389 Better Focus in Task Management Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 3.3
391 Login after registration: redirect to registration form Fixed Thomas Defect 3.3
392 Security Question Help Tip Illegible Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 3.3
393 Change ownership of database rows when deleting a user Fixed Jack Defect Users 3.3
394 Select All Sub-Type For Filtering Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Ticket Filters 3.3
341 Default ticket type Completed Em Feature Tickets 3.2.1
344 Custom field changes not shown in ticket history Fixed fadattf Defect Tickets 3.2.1
346 Add custom fields to ticket listing Completed fadattf Enhancement Custom fields 3.2.1
352 Incorrect ticket ID in notifications Fixed michob Defect Notifications 3.2.1
355 Linking to tickets from ticket tasks Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 3.2.1
357 PHP Warning array_walk_Recursive Fixed Nick Defect 3.2.1
360 Next ticket id increments even the ticket has not been added Fixed Menelion ElensĂșlĂ« Defect Tickets 3.2.1
395 Fix upgrade process Fixed Jack Defect Install/Upgrade 3.3.1
429 User pruning Completed Jack Feature Users 3.6
432 Users can sign up with same email more than once Fixed Callum Defect Users 3.6