ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
440 Force user to change password New Jack Task Users 4.0
279 Permissions API New Jack Enhancement 4.0
286 WYSIWYG editing of Markdown Accepted cornbread Enhancement Core 4.0
292 Edit own comments Accepted car adriano Defect Tickets 4.0
361 My Tickets Accepted fadattf Enhancement Users 4.0
371 Simplify permission system New Jack Enhancement Permissions 4.0
381 Account Deactivation & Installation Security Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Feature 4.0
386 Formatting style guide Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 4.0
426 New Status Type "in Development" New fadattf Enhancement 4.0
428 Plugin Hooks Accepted Jack Task Plugins 4.0
441 Store status name instead of ID in timeline events New Jack Enhancement Timeline 4.0
454 Simplify ticket properties Started Jack Enhancement Tickets 4.0
225 Notification email to assigned user for ticket Accepted sneha Enhancement Tickets 4.0