ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
358 Error when submitting new tickets Fixed Nick Defect 3.2.2
363 Upgrade from 3.0 to 3.2 seems broken Fixed Steve Karolewics Defect Install/Upgrade 3.2.2
362 Assigning tickets only to developers Completed Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement 3.2.2
364 Mass action trying to move to milestone Fixed Nick Defect Tickets 3.2.2
366 PHP Notice when adding a new Wiki page Fixed Erwin Defect Wiki 3.2.2
367 Send proper HTTP code for 404 pages Completed Erwin Enhancement Core 3.2.2
368 When editing a milestone, a default date appears Fixed Menelion Elensúlë Defect Project Settings 3.2.2