ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
336 Delete timeline events Completed Jack Enhancement Timeline 3.2
342 Include multiple css files in a theme Fixed dyron Defect 3.2
343 After added column "Assigned to" fatal error Fixed sanchiz Defect 3.2
347 wiki pages are created with invalid characters in slug Fixed Timo B Enhancement Wiki 3.2
348 Ticket property hints Completed Jack Enhancement 3.2
349 The problem with the display name in cyrillic Fixed sanchiz Defect 3.2
350 Sorting indicator for ticket list Completed Timo B Enhancement Tickets 3.2
351 Error when applying empty filter Fixed Nick Defect 3.2
116 Mass actions Completed Mythos Feature Tickets 3.2
227 Ticket tasks Completed vk Feature Tickets 3.2