ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
259 Registration validation Completed Jack Enhancement Users 3.1
276 Limit who can set ticket properties Completed Pierre Enhancement Tickets 3.1
300 Save ticket filters to session Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 3.1
303 Named translation placeholders Completed Jack Enhancement 3.1
317 Preview New Tickets Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Tickets 3.1
323 Project display order Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement AdminCP 3.1
324 Allow movement of tickets between projects Completed Jamie R. McPeek Feature Tickets 3.1
326 Timeline display Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Timeline 3.1
332 Database Error when creating project Fixed MisterX Defect AdminCP 3.1
115 API (Rest, XMLRPC, other) Completed jacmoe Feature Core 3.1