ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
85 Admin Localization Closed Jack Enhancement AdminCP 1.0
11 Ticket Tags Closed Jack Enhancement Tickets 1.0
22 Subscriptions (Email updates) Closed Jack Feature Tickets 1.0
39 MediaWiki integration!! Rejected fabianCastle Feature Core 1.0
44 Adding an time spent field to the ticket Closed fabianCastle Feature Tickets 1.0
81 Customize userrights Closed Mythos Feature Users 1.0
87 Improved Filters Closed Jack Enhancement Ticket Filters 1.0
93 User profiles, user statistics, avatars, news, etc. Closed Mythos Feature Core 1.0
95 Default Ticket List Options Rejected nickhale Feature Ticket Filters 1.0
25 "Free" Changelog Closed Mythos Enhancement AdminCP 1.0
76 More settings in ACP Closed Mythos Feature AdminCP 1.0
92 colors in roadmap - severity Invalid Mythos Enhancement Roadmap 1.0
74 WYSIWYG Closed Jack Enhancement Core 1.0
77 File changes (PHP, C++, etc.) in SVN browse Closed Mythos Feature Core 1.0
80 Milestones: Auto complete if finished Rejected Mythos Enhancement Roadmap 1.0