#79 - Mod rewrite not working
Type Defect
Status Invalid
Milestone 0.6
Version -
Component AdminCP
Priority High
Severity Major
Owner Mythos
Assigned to Jack
Reported 15 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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my hoster hast mod_rewrite enabled, so I tried to choose it in the ACP, but it wouldn't be saved, there is no radio button checked ... Bug?


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15 years and 2 months ago by Jack

If yu are running the SVN, run the updater as the SVN installer is out of date and needs to be updated.

15 years and 2 months ago by Mythos

I can't use SVN at www.bplaced.net :) And with mod_rewrite I mean following:


And here:


I also added a attachment.

15 years and 2 months ago by Jack

The only way to get those mod_rewrite options in the AdminCP is to be running the 0.6-svn. So check out the latest revision and upload it to your site, then run the update file.

Jack closed as Invalid 15 years and 2 months ago