#50 - Show assignedTo field in ticket list
Type Defect
Status Completed
Milestone 0.6
Version 3.0.2
Component Tickets
Priority High
Severity Normal
Owner fabianCastle
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Reported 15 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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We need to see the assignedTo field in ticket list, otherwise each member has to click on each ticket in order to see what needs to be done by him/her.

Ticket History

15 years ago by Jack

  • Status New Accepted

I'll add a "Show Columns" form in with the Filters stuff.

Jack closed as Completed 14 years and 11 months ago

11 years and 2 months ago by MisterX

  • Version 0.6 3.0.2

So, how i can do this in v.3?

11 years and 2 months ago by Jack

Project members can see what tickets are assigned to them on their profile page.

11 years and 2 months ago by MisterX

Sorry, but i meen, ticket list where showing all titckets and their assigned users.