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What does this feature do? View the commit history of a repository, view the diff, download patches and checkout, browse files, repository serving (git clone).

What makes this feature interesting? This is something that was already in the early process of being developed to traq 3.x and along with bugs and wiki it would make Traq a complete project management system.

I have developed a repository browser (git driver only at the moment) for Traq 3.7.1. It reuses some of the foundations that were already in place.

The change is mostly self-contained and applies directly to 3.7.1 master, but I was wondering if we could discuss it before I spend time testing and packaging it for a self-contained pull request. I think the main thing is: Is 3.x still under development and worth adding this feature or are you focused on 4?

If you are interested please contact me via my profile's email. I tried in vain to find a way to directly contact you the project manager but domain whois, github, blog, none contained an e-mail!


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2 years and 10 months ago by Jack

Traq 3.7 was planned to be the final 3.x release but with the amount of changes being made in Traq 4.x I'm thinking of keeping 3.x around for at least a year after the release of 4.0.

That being said, you could work on the plugin for 3.x and eventually port it over to 4.x once the plugin system has been implemented.

I will also send this through as an email when I get the time.

2 years and 9 months ago by Jack

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