Ticket relationship enhancements

7 years ago
5 years ago


The addition of ticket relationships is very useful for tracing through the tracker.

Here are a few ideas for enhancements to the current implementation:

1.) In the "Related tickets" section, show the current state (Open, Closed, etc.) of the ticket being referenced. This would likely necessitate a one-ticket-per-line arrangement or something else aesthetically and functionally pleasant.

2.) When modifying the relationship, a ticket history entry (with optional comment) could be created. The history entry for the relationship change should be entered for both tickets. Considerations:

  • Should the comment be 'cross-posted' to the non-active ticket, or just the relationship change history? My gut says it should go in both places.
  • Should 'history updates' take place after a ticket has been moved to the 'Closed'- or 'Fixed'-type of state? Maybe history updates for ticket relationships to already-closed tickets should be gagged as a special case.

3.) One more level of granularity for the relationship type - "Depends On" and "Required By". A ticket X "Depends On" another ticket Y if ticket Y must be implemented before/simultaneously with ticket X. "Required By" is the same relationship viewed from the other side.

  • This would require the ticket relationship entry to be more like adding ticket tasks.
  • For a more flexible option, this could be extended to function like ticket states/priorities, allowing user-defined meanings on top of the default "Depends On" and "Required By" choices.

Ticket History

7 years and 3 months ago by Jamie R. McPeek

For point 3, I forgot to say that the existing relationship of simply "Related To" for similar-but-independent cases should be kept as well.

7 years and 3 months ago by Jack

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I had planned on something like this but wasn't sure when I would start on it. Going to move it to v3.6 mainly because there is only one other feature being added to it.

What I will do is something similar to the ticket tasks like you said, with a way to select the relationship, such as "Depends on", "Required by", or blank for a regular relationship.

6 years and 3 months ago by Jack

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5 years and 4 months ago by Jack

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