#392 - Security Question Help Tip Illegible
Type Enhancement
Status Fixed
Milestone 3.3
Version 3.2.2
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Assigned to Jack
Reported 10 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What does this enhancement do?

Next to the Answers text field, there is a help icon.

When hovering over this icon, there is help text / a tooltip displayed to explain how to allow multiple answers to a question.

The background for the tooltip is a dark color and so the text itself is a light color.

This results in an issue with the last part as it is between <code></code> tags, which changes the background color to a light grey; however, the font color does not change.

Because of this, the purpose of the tooltip is defeated as it is all but impossible to actually see the pipe character displayed within the the code section.

To enhance this, I would recommend coloring the font when inside of the code block when inside of an abbr block to be the default black, making it readable.

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10 years and 5 months ago by Jack

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