#361 - My Tickets
Type Enhancement
Status Accepted
Milestone 4.0
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Component Users
Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner fadattf
Assigned to Jack
Reported 11 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What does this enhancement do? Adds a new tab to the main page of Bugtraq "my tickets". Selected it shows up a list of all tickets assigend to the current (logged in) user.

Since many developers are working on more than one project that would be an enhancement. I've added this feature myself to the "old" bugtraq version.


Ticket History

11 years and 1 month ago by fadattf

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Additional info: list should show all the tickets reagardless in what project the are listed. See screenshot (it's only a small part of the list) of my current list.

11 years and 1 month ago by Jack

  • Component Users
  • Status New Accepted
  • Assigned to Jack

Assigned tickets can be viewed on the users profile. However there isn't an obvious way for users to get to their profile, and then the assigned tickets list isn't really that great to look at.

Might rework it and add a link to the profile next to UserCP on the top navbar and style the assigned tickets list to be similar if not exactly like the current ticket listing.

10 years and 8 months ago by Jack

  • Milestone 3.3 4.0