#347 - wiki pages are created with invalid characters in slug
Type Enhancement
Status Fixed
Milestone 3.2
Version 3.0
Component Wiki
Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner Timo B
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Reported 10 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What did you do to cause this? creating a wiki page with spaces in page title and copied page title to slug

What page were you on? wiki

What PHP and MySQL versions do you run?

Describe the defect: after clicking "create" the wiki page is created with spaces, but linking and the redirect after creation are not working, invalid chars should be stripped (or replaced by valid ones) before submitting (like in creating a project)

Ticket History

10 years and 12 months ago by Timo B

version used is 3.1.3

10 years and 12 months ago by Jack

  • Version 3.2 3.0
  • Component Wiki
  • Closed ticket as Fixed

In 3.2, spaces will be replaced by an underscore, however the whole idea of being able to manually set the slug is to allow people to use their own judgement when setting it instead of forcing upon them a very specific way.