#342 - Include multiple css files in a theme
Type Defect
Status Fixed
Milestone 3.2
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Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner dyron
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Reported 11 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What did you do to cause this?

Creating a new Theme.

What page were you on?

/css.php is included in all files.

Describe the defect:

You can't define multiple theme files within HTML::css_link(Request::base() . 'css.php?css=screen&theme=' . settings('theme')); while the css.php offering an explode on $_REQUEST['theme']. The $_REQUEST['theme'] is used as directory name, so the explode has to run on another $_REQUEST variable, e.g. $_REQUEST['theme_files']. Otherwise the theme could be loaded from the config/settings, then you can use multiple theme css files.

Ticket History

11 years ago by dyron

Possible solution

Remove the unnessecary explode loop, if only the theme name should be used. Or introduce another QS variable for multiple files.

Jack closed as Fixed 11 years ago

I've added the theme_files query string variable, if unset it will use default, otherwise separate multiple files with a comma like so: