#287 - Central Login for Traq
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Milestone 3.0
Version 3.0
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Reported 11 years ago
Updated 9 years ago
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What does this feature do?

  • So at the moment you can have a login so that users can post tickets. Further they can make a private ticket. Now what about when you want you traq area to be private and just for staff of the company. It would be really cool if in the administration there was a tick box to 'Require login to view Traq System'. This way if an anonymous user goes to any traq link within your system they are just presented with the login.

What makes this feature interesting? Traq is really good for debugging website, for keeping a task list of projects, clients and general administration. For my use, most of this data is sensitive and we would want to keep it internal. I think the option to protect traq behind a login will really add value to the system.

Ticket History

11 years and 1 month ago by arturo182

In Traq 3 you can deny the group "Guests" permissions to do anything, that should do it.

Jack closed as Invalid 11 years and 1 month ago

If you edit the config file, there is an option to require login. There is also an option in the AdminCP on the Settings page to disallow registration.