#276 - Limit who can set ticket properties
Type Enhancement
Status Completed
Milestone 3.1
Version 3.0
Component Tickets
Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner Pierre
Assigned to Jack
Reported 11 years ago
Updated 9 years ago
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When a user creates a new ticket, they should only be able to set the basic details (summary & description).

From there the admin user should assign the ticket to a user, milestone, component etc. as most of the time when a user creates a ticket they assign it wrong, and the admin knows better which component/milestone the ticket should belong to. (same as Lighthouse or Github issues)

Ticket History

11 years and 3 months ago by Jack

  • Milestone 3.0 3.1

I will add more control over ticket property permissions in 3.1.

10 years and 8 months ago by Jack

  • Summary Don't let user assign tickets Limit who can set ticket properties
  • Status New Started
  • Assigned to Jack
Jack closed as Completed 10 years and 8 months ago