Error thrown navigating to Project Settings

9 years ago
7 years ago


What did you do to cause this? Set up a new project, selected the project in AdminCP and clicked settings

What page were you on? /<project-slug>

What PHP and MySQL versions do you run? PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.2 MySQL Version 5.5.24-0ubuntu0.12.04.1

Describe the defect: It appears as though the class ProjectSettingsOptionsController cannot extend ProjectSettingsAppController because it hasn't been loaded.

The autoloader loads the ProjectSettingsOptionsController class file correctly but does not load the parent class.

Fatal error: Class 'ProjectSettingsAppController' not found in /var/www/traq/system/controllers/projectsettings/options_controller.php on line 30, referer: Stack trace:, referer: 1. {main}() /var/www/traq/index.php:0, referer: 2. Avalon::run() /var/www/traq/index.php:27, referer: 3. require_once() /var/www/traq/system/avalon/core/avalon.php:83, referer:

If it helps (probably not) I added the following code to the file system\avalon\core\avalon.php and it resolved the issue (after line 62)

    // Load sub namespace app controller
    // added by mpserellis
    if (dirname($controller_file) != APPPATH . "/controllers" && file_exists(dirname($controller_file)."/app_controller.php"))
        require dirname($controller_file)."/app_controller.php";

Ticket History

9 years and 2 months ago by ihenry

It looks for a "ProjectSettings" directory in system/controllers, but the directory is actually called "projectsettings", so it fails on case-sensitive systems. Symlinking system/controllers/ProjectSettings to system/controllers/projectsettings works as a temporary fix.

8 years and 12 months ago by Jack

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