#254 - Github Service Hook
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I was thinking about maybe creating the requirements for a Github connect? Let me know if you are interested: "Github Developers API(Git API v3)":http://developer.github.com/v3/repos/

We could even just create a Traq Github application and give it to github: "Deploy A Github Service (Deploy A Github Service)":https://github.com/github/github-services

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11 years and 7 months ago by Jack

  • Type Enhancement Feature
  • Milestone future 3.0
  • Version future
  • Summary Github Connect/API Github Service Hook

A Github service hook is planned as part of the API in 3.0.

11 years and 7 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Ok perfect I'll start with my buddy chuxiao on the python part to give to github When we get finished with that, if you have not finished/started the JavaScript part I'll do that as well.

After I talk with him I'll mark as accepted?

11 years and 6 months ago by Jack

What JavaScript part?

The Github service stuff sends a request to the Traq installation from Githubs servers.

Also, Github uses Ruby, not Python.

11 years and 6 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Perfect then I don't even need Chuxiao, I'm our Ruby guy, but it appears you are too lol. But in regards to the JS, don't we need to handle the request from github on server side? e.g. receive POST (or what ever have not looked the the API docs yet) for commit, and we could insert new Timeline event? Which we could even further the Timeline by categorizing Timeline events or something. The vision on this is still a little blurry to me but I think we need to move to the Forum with this and update the ticket after we have the plans sorted out.

11 years and 6 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Actually I guess that would be PHP receiving the JSON POST from github haha so nevermind, but still to the forum to discuss; I'll await your replies there.

11 years and 6 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Jack take a look at this, github just added this to project administration page's service hooks: "Github: Receive Post Request(Github: Receive Post Request)":http://help.github.com/post-receive-hooks/

So if we were to just make a handler php side then all we would have to do is, have the admin of a traq install; insert "mysite.com?projectKey=x&branch=master" to their github page. We'd not need a rb script in that case.

11 years and 4 months ago by Jack

  • Milestone 4.0 future
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