#227 - Ticket tasks
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Status Completed
Milestone 3.2
Version 2.3.2
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Owner vk
Assigned to Jack
Reported 12 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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What does this feature do? ability to create several tasks (checkboxes) in one ticket, like in pivotaltracker: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/

What makes this feature interesting? better planning for tickets and thus better overall usability of Traq

Ticket History

12 years and 3 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Do you mean a sub task? Like say, "x task" can have the main task of doing "something", but in order to do "something" we must do "y task". So you create a task with in the main task. Instead of a brand new ticket. Did I read you correctly?

12 years and 3 months ago by vk

yes, you're right. e.g. in order to complete ticket "X something" you must complete "subtasks" of "Y, Z, A, B, and C", where "Y, Z, A, B, C" are shown as checkbuttons (checked = complete) and each subtask has its own editable description: http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/6589/screenshot341.png . Also i think it will be cool to divide 100% by amount of checkboxes and add 100/x percentage completion with each checked checkbox. E.g. on the screenshot there are 2 checkboxes checked => ticket has 66% completion.

12 years and 3 months ago by vk

I've forgot to mention an "add subtask" button.

12 years and 3 months ago by Devon Hazelett

Yea that sounds like a great, idea. I'll see if i can mock something up. In JIRA we have sub-tasks too, but they also can have types e.g. a bug, improvement, etc. Do you wish to see this in the usability?

12 years and 3 months ago by vk

yes, i think assigning a type to subtasks will be useful too.

11 years and 11 months ago by Jack

  • Milestone 3.0 future

11 years and 10 months ago by vk

Changed Milestone from 3.0 to future

d'oh. :(

11 years ago by José Tavares

This would be really awesome. It's the only reason I haven't closed my pivotal tracker account.

11 years ago by Jack

  • Milestone Future 3.2

11 years ago by Jack

  • Status New Started

11 years ago by Jack

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10 years and 11 months ago by José Tavares

Thanks! Gonna close my Pivotal account right away!