#192 - Admin cannot view Guest's tickets
Type Defect
Status Fixed
Milestone 2.2
Version 2.1.1
Component Tickets
Priority Highest
Severity Major
Assigned to Jack
Reported 12 years ago
Updated 9 years ago
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What did you do to cause this?

  • I asked a friend of mine submit new ticket without registering to Traq

What page were you on?

  • Site -> "All tickets"

Describe the defect:

  • Ticket is shown on ticket list, but when I try to open ticket details (eg. click ticket link) as an Administrator, i get permission error "You don't have permission to view this page."

Ticket History

12 years and 4 months ago by Jack

  • Priority Normal Highest
  • Assigned to Jack
  • Status New Accepted

After reproducing this myself I have found that it's actually due to the "Private Ticket" option, which I will have fixed shortly.

12 years and 4 months ago by Jack

  • Closed ticket as Fixed
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