#185 - Modify Tickets
Type Feature
Status Completed
Milestone 2.1
Version 0.3
Component AdminCP
Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner knbknb
Assigned to Jack
Reported 13 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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Would be nice to have an "Modify" button on self-created(!) Tickets. Tickets created frm other users can not be modify.

There is allready an "DELETE" option in the /admincp/groups.php starts on line 144 in the script...

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13 years and 7 months ago by Jack

  • Status New Accepted
Jack closed as Completed 13 years and 7 months ago

Admins and people who created the ticket can double click on the ticket body/description to display an edit box.

It's all done by Ajax, there's currently no way to edit tickets on a browser that doesn't support Ajax.

13 years and 7 months ago by Jack

On second thought, just click the Pencil that's sitting above the ticket description...

13 years and 7 months ago by Jack

  • Type Enhancement Feature Request
  • Summary Modify Tikets Modify Tickets