#16 - Order of Tickets
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Reported 15 years ago
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I'm not exactly sure how the tickets are organized, but I think there should be an option in the UCP to control how the tickets are ordered by.

For instance, if I wanted to order the tickets by ID, give the option to set it to ID and ASC/DESC. Or if I wanted to order it by post date (or comment date), give the option to set it to post date and ASC/DESC - so that if someone posts a comment to a ticket that ticket is the first to be shown.

Besides that, I was wondering who the developers are; I'm interested in this project and are willing to join it to commit some of my spare time to develop for it.

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15 years and 1 month ago by Jack

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I will make the column headers a link to order them by ASC or DESC.

For example, if you clicked on Summary it would order the tickets by the Summary in ascending order, if you clicked Summary again it would order in descending.

15 years and 1 month ago by Jack

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