#159 - Shorten the Timeline
Type Enhancement
Status Completed
Milestone 2.0
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Component Timeline
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Owner Jack
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Reported 14 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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The Timeline page, on a project with many tickets at least, can be slow. It's probably a good idea to only display a few days, maybe 5 and add a link to show more.

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Jack closed as Completed 14 years ago

14 years ago by pierre

  • Assigned to Jack

Instead of just having a link that keeps saying 'Show More', why not have links to 'Show timeline for last [url=#]7 days[/url] | [url=#]14 days[/url] | [url=#]21 days[/url] | [url=#]1 Month[/url] | [url=#]3 months[/url] | [url=#]6 months[/url] | [url=#]1 year[/url] | [url=#]all time[/url]' or something like that. Or maybe have a calendar to choose 'Show timeline for specific date' or 'Show timeline between these two dates'

Jack reopened as Started 14 years ago

Not a bad idea, I'll add links for 7 days, 14 days, 21, etc.

Jack closed as Completed 14 years ago
pierre reopened as Reopened 14 years ago

the timeline doesn't work correct. When viewing timeline for 2 weeks, I get results from 18 February 2010 (which isn't two weeks ago), and viewing 4 weeks gives results form October last year

Jack closed as Completed 14 years ago

It's working fine. The only reason you're getting older results is because its showing the amount of days given. I'll probably change it to say "days" instead of "weeks".

14 years ago by pierre

I thought the 28 days (4 weeks) is supposed to show results for the last 28 days, not the last 28 unique date records