#144 - Some missing translations
Type Defect
Status Completed
Milestone 2.0
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Severity Trivial
Owner arturo182
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Reported 14 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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There are some not translated strings in templates/Traq2/view_ticket.php

[code]<div class="date"> <p>Opened <?=timesince($ticket['created'])?> ago</p> <p>Last modified <?=($ticket['updated'] ? timesince($ticket['updated']).' ago' : 'Never')?></p> </div>[/code]

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14 years ago by Jack

  • Status New Accepted

This is what happens when I copy/paste from older versions... I'll fix this asap.

Jack closed as Fixed 14 years ago

Should be fixed now.

arturo182 reopened as Reopened 14 years ago

watch_this_project and unwatch_this_project are missing ;)

14 years ago by Jack

I know, I'm not finished with the notification stuff.

Jack closed as Completed 14 years ago