#141 - Ticket update - component
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Milestone 2.0
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Component AdminCP
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Owner arturo182
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Reported 14 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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If there are no components in the project there's a bug that causes empty component changes to appear when updating tickets. It does that because empty component is '' and empty component in the db is 0 so when comparing it's different ;)

Adding (int) before $_POST['component'] in line 117 of ticket.php fixes it ;)


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14 years ago by arturo182

Also when I think about it adding a "None" option with value 0 is even better idea cause in that case the select is not empty and looks better ;)

Jack closed as Fixed 14 years ago

Should be fixed.

arturo182 reopened as Reopened 14 years ago

Same goes for milestones, if a project has no milestones, then every update says "Changed milestone from to "

Jack closed as Fixed 14 years ago