#137 - Roadmap milestone link bug
Type Defect
Status Fixed
Milestone 2.0
Version 0.4
Component Roadmap
Priority Normal
Severity Normal
Owner arturo182
Assigned to Jack
Reported 13 years ago
Updated 9 years ago
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There's a bug in line 18 of templates\Traq2\roadmap.php, it's: <h2><a href="<?=$uri->anchor($project['slug'],'milestone-'.$milestone['milestone'])?>"><?=l('milestone')?>: <em><?=$milestone['milestone']?><?=(!empty($milestone['codename']) ? ' <small>"'.$milestone['codename'].'"</small>' : '')?></em></a></h2>

and the bug is that the anchor is created in the form of 'milestone-'.$milestone['milestone'] and it should be 'milestone-'.$milestone['slug']

Also there's no error if I go to a nonexistent milestone like milestone-qwerty, it's just an empty milestone page.

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Jack closed as Fixed 13 years and 8 months ago

Thanks for reporting this. I've gone ahead and fixed this.