#135 - Adding tickets not working
Type Defect
Status Fixed
Milestone 2.0
Version 0.4
Component Tickets
Priority Normal
Severity Major
Owner arturo182
Assigned to Jack
Reported 14 years ago
Updated 10 years ago
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I'm not sure if it's the newest version but I downloaded it from here: http://svn.vizziweb.com/traq/trunk/inc/ticket.class.php

and there's a bug that doesn't allow you to add a ticket, in Ticket::check it checks if the user is logged in this line "if(empty($data['user_name']) && !$user->loggedin)" but there's no "global $user;" so $user is unknown and thus the error.

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14 years and 1 month ago by Jack

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Thanks for reporting this, I will fix this when I get the time. Been a little busy.

Jack closed as Fixed 14 years ago