#124 - Options to enable / disable login and register functions
Type Enhancement
Status Completed
Milestone 2.0
Version 0.4
Component Users
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Owner justphp
Assigned to Jack
Reported 13 years ago
Updated 9 years ago
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I use your traq system privately and so have hidden the register page and forced everyone to login, would it be possible for you to provide a options to enable and disable these features in your upcoming 2.0 release?

If so that would be great, I could probably even submit a patch for these features myself once you've released the version 2 but having them by default would be great.

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13 years and 7 months ago by Jack

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13 years and 7 months ago by Jack

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Disable User Registration works, but it's probably best to leave the Login part alone. It's easy enough to remove the link and empty the template.