ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
2 Post-Register Login Form Fixed Xocide Defect Users 0.2
236 Append custom headers for mail function (notifications) Completed wr2 Enhancement 2.3.3
3 Blank Comments Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 0.2
4 File Attachments Completed Jack Feature Tickets 0.2
238 Localize the editor Completed Jack Task 3.0
5 Better Comments Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 0.3
6 Better way of marking Milestones as Complete Completed Jack Enhancement AdminCP 0.3
240 Attachment text is not in locale file, thus cannot be translated Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
7 Plugins Completed Jack Feature Core 0.4
241 Ticket time management Completed Andreas Feature Tickets 3.7
8 Wiki Markup Completed Jack Feature Core 0.3
242 SQL injection in Tickets listing Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
9 User and User Group Management Completed Jack Feature AdminCP 0.3
11 Ticket Tags Closed Jack Enhancement Tickets 1.0
12 SVN Browser Completed Jack Feature Core 0.5
13 Ticket Titles have \ when titles contain a ' Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 0.4
248 Upgrade to jQuery 1.7 Completed Devon Hazelett Enhancement Core 2.3.3
14 Separate comments with the Ticket Changes Invalid Radii Feature Tickets 0.5
249 Ticket Summary is not escaped properly if updating Ticket Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
15 Allow Guests to post Tickets Completed Radii Enhancement Tickets 0.5
250 Search Tickets Invalid Devon Hazelett Feature 3.0
16 Order of Tickets Completed Radii Feature Tickets 0.5
252 Filter for Assigned to Completed Trupik Feature Tickets 2.3.4
18 Management for Type, Priority, and Severity Completed Radii Feature AdminCP 0.5
253 Easier tab management Closed Frank Enhancement Core Future