ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
5 Better Comments Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 0.3
389 Better Focus in Task Management Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 3.3
6 Better way of marking Milestones as Complete Completed Jack Enhancement AdminCP 0.3
3 Blank Comments Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 0.2
445 Brazilian Portuguese language translation Invalid Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.7
374 Brazilian Portuguese translation done Invalid Silvio Delgado Feature 3.3
244 bug with admincp/settings.php Invalid Devon Hazelett Defect AdminCP 2.3.3
379 site is not stable Invalid Valeriy Defect 3.3
217 Can not register Invalid Adam Miner Defect 2.3.2
206 Can't change password in UserCP Duplicate Dmitry Defect Users 2.2
339 Can't update ticket type Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.1.3
287 Central Login for Traq Invalid Scott Lawrence Feature 3.0
393 Change ownership of database rows when deleting a user Fixed Jack Defect Users 3.3
293 Change Title Invalid car adriano Defect 2.4.0
212 Changelog change type sorting Rejected Mythos Enhancement Changelog Future
100 Changelog suggestions Completed Mythos Feature Changelog 2.0
173 Characters not escaped properly Fixed Brandon Jackson Defect 2.0
224 Check for the htaccess file Completed Jon Kristian Defect Core 2.3.2
90 Check if /install direction is available Invalid Mythos Task Core 0.6
89 Choose language Completed Mythos Enhancement Core 0.6
284 Class 'ProjectSettingsAppController' not found Fixed cornbread Defect AdminCP 3.0
274 Class Locale already exists with intl extension Duplicate Pierre Defect Core 3.0
123 Code not valid with php 5.3.1 Invalid johan Defect Core 2.0
92 colors in roadmap - severity Invalid Mythos Enhancement Roadmap 1.0
114 Commit hooks Closed jacmoe Feature Core 2.1