ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
457 Admin permissions are missing Investigating lord Defect 3.7.2
343 After added column "Assigned to" fatal error Fixed sanchiz Defect 3.2
73 Akismet Completed Jack Enhancement Core 0.6
15 Allow Guests to post Tickets Completed Radii Enhancement Tickets 0.5
324 Allow movement of tickets between projects Completed Jamie R. McPeek Feature Tickets 3.1
372 Allow registration doesn't block guest registrations Fixed Silvio Delgado Defect 3.3
314 Anonymous Tickets Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Users 3.0.6
399 Anti-flood security: pause between ticket submissions Completed Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement 3.3.4
115 API (Rest, XMLRPC, other) Completed jacmoe Feature Core 3.1
236 Append custom headers for mail function (notifications) Completed wr2 Enhancement 2.3.3
423 Assign to group member Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 4.1
110 Assigned tickets Completed Mythos Feature Tickets 2.0
335 Assigned to property on ticket listing Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 3.0.9
362 Assigning tickets only to developers Completed Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement 3.2.2
186 Assignment Errors Fixed Marcus Defect 2.1
182 Associate tickets Completed Felipe Guaycuru Feature Future
296 Atom Feeds Completed Jack Feature 3.0
237 Attachment deletion without confirmation Fixed wr2 Defect Tickets 2.3.3
240 Attachment text is not in locale file, thus cannot be translated Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
340 Auto-Subscribe users New Riccardo Enhancement Better Notifications
202 Automatically watch newly created tickets Completed Pierre Enhancement Users 3.0
256 Backslash \ trimmed in ticket listing Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.4
52 BB-Codes Invalid Mythos Enhancement Core 0.6
17 BBCode instead of dodgy Wiki markup Completed Jack Enhancement Core 0.5
19 Being able to have an empty Milestone/Component Fixed Radii Defect Tickets 0.5