ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
26 Localisations Completed Mythos Feature Core 0.6
27 Internal Forum / Blog / Guestbook Closed Mythos Feature Plugins 0.6
28 Imprint Closed Mythos Feature Core 0.5
29 Search filter Completed Jack Feature Core 2.2
30 Textile Closed Anonymous Enhancement Tickets 0.5
31 Complete Milestones Completed Anonymous Feature Roadmap 0.6
32 Traq doesn't work with cyrillic words in UTF-8 mode. Fixed Anonymous Defect Tickets 0.6.1
33 xxx Invalid Anonymous Defect AdminCP Future
34 Event logging Accepted Jack Feature Core 4.1
35 Ability to filter tickets Completed Anonymous Enhancement Ticket Filters 0.6
36 Guest's permissions Closed Mythos Task Tickets 0.6
37 Ability to add columns to tickets view. Completed fabianCastle Enhancement Tickets 0.6
38 Show my tickets (assigments) Duplicate fabianCastle Enhancement AdminCP 0.6
39 MediaWiki integration!! Rejected fabianCastle Feature Core 1.0
40 Send email notification to project members Duplicate fabianCastle Feature Core 0.6
41 Front controller suggestion Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
42 $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] issue, traq not working Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
43 SVN Browse doesn't work Invalid Mythos Defect Core 0.6
44 Adding an time spent field to the ticket Closed fabianCastle Feature Tickets 1.0
45 hi guys Invalid Anonymous Enhancement Users 0.6
46 Last update column in ticket list. Closed fabianCastle Enhancement Tickets 0.6
47 Question: Howto build a plug-in for traq?? Documentation ? Invalid fabianCastle Task AdminCP Future
48 Enhanced Plugins Completed Jack Enhancement Plugins 0.6
49 Fresh install Help Closed Anonymous Defect AdminCP 0.6
50 Show assignedTo field in ticket list Completed fabianCastle Defect Tickets 0.6