ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
271 Conflict with php internationalization extension Fixed Mark Serellis Defect Core 3.0
272 Error thrown navigating to Project Settings Duplicate Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
273 Unable to set Allow Registration to No Fixed Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
274 Class Locale already exists with intl extension Duplicate Pierre Defect Core 3.0
275 Database password cannot be blank Fixed Pierre Defect Install/Upgrade 3.0
41 Front controller suggestion Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
42 $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] issue, traq not working Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
278 URL "slug" format verification Completed Jack Defect 3.0
43 SVN Browse doesn't work Invalid Mythos Defect Core 0.6
281 login and register links - "Not Found" Closed cornbread Defect Install/Upgrade 3.0
282 CSS incorrectly identified as text/html Closed cornbread Defect Core 3.0
283 Display issue with IE9 Closed cornbread Defect Core 2.4.0
284 Class 'ProjectSettingsAppController' not found Fixed cornbread Defect AdminCP 3.0
49 Fresh install Help Closed Anonymous Defect AdminCP 0.6
285 Unable to load view 'projectsettings/milestones/delete' Fixed cornbread Defect AdminCP 3.0
50 Show assignedTo field in ticket list Completed fabianCastle Defect Tickets 0.6
288 Unable to view or delete an attachment with symbols in its name Fixed ihenry Defect Tickets 3.0
289 Ordered list in new Ticket is broken Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.4.0
292 Edit own comments Accepted car adriano Defect Tickets 4.0
293 Change Title Invalid car adriano Defect 2.4.0
299 ERR login Invalid JDS Defect Timeline 3.0
302 Errors for non-existent objects Fixed arturo182 Defect 3.0
304 Custom fields not working Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.1
305 Error deleting projects Fixed Jack Defect AdminCP 3.0.2
306 Creating a new ticket with a closed status shows up as open Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 3.0.2