ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
2 Post-Register Login Form Fixed Xocide Defect Users 0.2
3 Blank Comments Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 0.2
237 Attachment deletion without confirmation Fixed wr2 Defect Tickets 2.3.3
240 Attachment text is not in locale file, thus cannot be translated Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
242 SQL injection in Tickets listing Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
10 Timeline ID field in DB Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 0.3
244 bug with admincp/settings.php Invalid Devon Hazelett Defect AdminCP 2.3.3
245 If the Ticket Description is blank, only Summary is preserved Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
247 use of depreciated mysql_escape_sting() Fixed Devon Hazelett Defect Core 2.3.3
13 Ticket Titles have \ when titles contain a ' Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 0.4
249 Ticket Summary is not escaped properly if updating Ticket Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.3
251 Missing MySQL data Invalid Devon Hazelett Defect Core 3.0
19 Being able to have an empty Milestone/Component Fixed Radii Defect Tickets 0.5
20 Updating tickets in completed Milestones changes ticket Milestone Completed Jack Defect Tickets 0.5
255 Ticket history to/from changes display nothing when value is null Fixed Jack Defect Tickets 2.3.4
256 Backslash \ trimmed in ticket listing Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.4
257 New ticket page causes XHR for a URL that does not exist Closed Tilius Defect Tickets 2.3.4
261 htmlentities() breaks UTF-8 characters in Tickets listing Fixed Trupik Defect Tickets 2.3.5
262 Displaying ticket summary is not correct with áéíüűöő characters Duplicate Samu József Defect 2.3.5
264 Deleting milestone ends up in a blank page Fixed Trupik Defect AdminCP 2.3.5
265 The corners in the menu are not rounded in FF 13.0 Fixed Trupik Defect 2.3.6
266 Users with only 'comment' permissions on tickets wipe out all ticket metadata Fixed Tilius Defect 2.3.6
267 XML parse error from update checker Fixed vaidas Defect Install/Upgrade 2.3.7
32 Traq doesn't work with cyrillic words in UTF-8 mode. Fixed Anonymous Defect Tickets 0.6.1
33 xxx Invalid Anonymous Defect AdminCP Future