ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
25 "Free" Changelog Closed Mythos Enhancement AdminCP 1.0
104 [0.6]Browse Source not working Closed Mythos Defect Core 0.6.1
42 $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] issue, traq not working Invalid fabianCastle Defect Core 0.6
294 2.4 to 3.0 Migration Completed Jack Task Install/Upgrade 3.0
404 3.2.2 to 3.4.1 Upgrade Error Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect 3.4.2
270 A Summary page in AdminCP Completed arturo182 Enhancement AdminCP 3.0
37 Ability to add columns to tickets view. Completed fabianCastle Enhancement Tickets 0.6
365 Ability to display only opened tickets by default New Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement Future
35 Ability to filter tickets Completed Anonymous Enhancement Ticket Filters 0.6
356 Ability to give more than two replacements for plural Invalid Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement Future
189 Ability to post code in ticket Completed Shamil Nunhuck Enhancement Tickets 2.1
381 Account Deactivation & Installation Security Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Feature 4.0
103 Actual SVN Test Invalid Mythos Task Core 0.6
420 Add a print stylesheet for better display when printing a ticket or a list Accepted Michel LAURENT Enhancement 4.1
346 Add custom fields to ticket listing Completed fadattf Enhancement Custom fields 3.2.1
160 Add IF NOT EXISTS to install.sql Completed arturo182 Enhancement 2.0
122 Add more hook locations Completed Jack Task Plugins 2.0
419 Add support for https:// Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement 3.5.1
421 Add ticket id in the ticket properties Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement Tickets 3.5.1
127 Add users via the adminCP Completed justphp Enhancement AdminCP 2.0
201 Add votes to ticket Completed Pierre Feature Tickets 3.0
44 Adding an time spent field to the ticket Closed fabianCastle Feature Tickets 1.0
135 Adding tickets not working Fixed arturo182 Defect Tickets 2.0
192 Admin cannot view Guest's tickets Fixed Jani Yli-Paavola Defect Tickets 2.2
85 Admin Localization Closed Jack Enhancement AdminCP 1.0