ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
373 Page container - min-height Rejected Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.3
128 Locked Tickets Rejected Jack Feature Tickets 2.0
131 Template Hooks Rejected Jack Enhancement Plugins 2.1
398 Event system Rejected Jack Feature Core 4.0
155 View milestone tickets Rejected Pierre Enhancement Roadmap 2.0
162 Components for X projects Rejected Mythos Enhancement AdminCP 2.0
438 Controllers to update. Rejected Jack Task 4.0
443 Switch selectize.js Rejected Jack Task 4.0
193 Favicon Rejected Francesco Feature AdminCP 2.2
194 Open milestone to see tickets Rejected Francesco Feature Roadmap Future
196 Only show statuses set to changelog in count Rejected Marcus Feature Future
212 Changelog change type sorting Rejected Mythos Enhancement Changelog Future
11 Ticket Tags Closed Jack Enhancement Tickets 1.0
246 project tagging Closed Devon Hazelett Feature Tickets 3.0
253 Easier tab management Closed Frank Enhancement Core Future
22 Subscriptions (Email updates) Closed Jack Feature Tickets 1.0
257 New ticket page causes XHR for a URL that does not exist Closed Tilius Defect Tickets 2.3.4
25 "Free" Changelog Closed Mythos Enhancement AdminCP 1.0
27 Internal Forum / Blog / Guestbook Closed Mythos Feature Plugins 0.6
28 Imprint Closed Mythos Feature Core 0.5
30 Textile Closed Anonymous Enhancement Tickets 0.5
36 Guest's permissions Closed Mythos Task Tickets 0.6
44 Adding an time spent field to the ticket Closed fabianCastle Feature Tickets 1.0
281 login and register links - "Not Found" Closed cornbread Defect Install/Upgrade 3.0
46 Last update column in ticket list. Closed fabianCastle Enhancement Tickets 0.6