ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
254 Github Service Hook New Devon Hazelett Feature Future
340 Auto-Subscribe users New Riccardo Enhancement Better Notifications
365 Ability to display only opened tickets by default New Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement Future
376 Save filters New Valeriy Feature Future
414 Project order alphabetically New fadattf Enhancement 4.1
415 Remember Login New fadattf Enhancement 4.1
422 File-Upload support New Lukas Feature Future
424 Mass action email only sends for last ticket New Jamie R. McPeek Defect Better Notifications
169 Gantt Chart New Shamil Nunhuck Feature Roadmap Future
430 Types - Ability to reorder the Types list to the user New damian Enhancement Future
431 Reorder components New damian Feature Future
446 Make non logged in users log in. New lwaite9 Enhancement 4.0
452 GIT Browser New alex Feature 3.7.2
233 Global timeline New vk Feature Tickets Future
24 Guests may submit a ticket option Duplicate Mythos Feature Tickets 0.5
262 Displaying ticket summary is not correct with áéíüűöő characters Duplicate Samu József Defect 2.3.5
272 Error thrown navigating to Project Settings Duplicate Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
38 Show my tickets (assigments) Duplicate fabianCastle Enhancement AdminCP 0.6
274 Class Locale already exists with intl extension Duplicate Pierre Defect Core 3.0
40 Send email notification to project members Duplicate fabianCastle Feature Core 0.6
82 Notification via E-Mail Duplicate Mythos Feature Core 0.6
108 Some milestone names produce problems Duplicate andrew.s Defect Ticket Filters 0.6.1
150 Email Updates Duplicate Pierre Feature Tickets 2.1
176 More permissions Duplicate Michał Bajur Enhancement Tickets 3.0
178 strip_slashes Duplicate Adam Miner Defect Tickets 2.0