ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
457 Admin permissions are missing Investigating lord Defect 3.7.2
456 Private tickets Completed Jack Defect Tickets 3.7.2
455 Polls New Torsten Deppe Feature Future
454 Simplify ticket properties Started Jack Enhancement Tickets 4.0
453 Use an established framework Completed Jack Enhancement Core 4.0
452 GIT Browser New alex Feature Future
451 Some models are broken on PHP 7+ Fixed alex Defect Core 3.7.2
450 Unable to create Wiki pages Fixed Jack Defect Wiki 3.7.1
449 Undefined index on Timeline Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 3.7.1
448 Unable to create Milestones Fixed Jack Defect Roadmap 3.7.1
447 Invalid min/max length values Fixed Jack Defect Custom fields 3.7.1
446 Make non logged in users log in. Invalid lwaite9 Enhancement 4.0
445 Brazilian Portuguese language translation Invalid Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.7
444 Issues installing Traq on modern stack Fixed Sketch Defect 4.0
443 Switch selectize.js Rejected Jack Task 4.0
442 Use view inheritance Completed Jack Enhancement Core 4.0
441 Store status name instead of ID in timeline events Completed Jack Enhancement Timeline 4.0
440 Force user to change password Closed Jack Task Users 4.0
439 Password migration prompt Completed Jack Task Users 3.7
438 Controllers to update. Rejected Jack Task 4.0
437 reCaptcha Plugin Accepted Jack Feature Plugins Future
433 SQL keywords not filtered from summary and description Invalid C. Sebe Defect 3.6
432 Users can sign up with same email more than once Fixed Callum Defect Users 3.6
431 Reorder components Closed damian Feature 4.0
430 Types - Ability to reorder the Types list to the user New damian Enhancement Future