ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
451 Some models are broken on PHP 7+ Fixed alex Defect Core 3.7.2
456 Private tickets Completed Jack Defect Tickets 3.7.2
457 Admin permissions are missing Investigating lord Defect 3.7.2
458 PHP Error during install New tony Defect 3.7.2
447 Invalid min/max length values Fixed Jack Defect Custom fields 3.7.1
448 Unable to create Milestones Fixed Jack Defect Roadmap 3.7.1
449 Undefined index on Timeline Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 3.7.1
450 Unable to create Wiki pages Fixed Jack Defect Wiki 3.7.1
241 Ticket time management Completed Andreas Feature Tickets 3.7
439 Password migration prompt Completed Jack Task Users 3.7
445 Brazilian Portuguese language translation Invalid Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.7
427 MySQL Strict Mode error while creating project Fixed Erwin Defect 3.5.2
418 Custom field not depending on type when updating Fixed Michel LAURENT Defect 3.5.1
419 Add support for https:// Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement 3.5.1
421 Add ticket id in the ticket properties Completed Michel LAURENT Enhancement Tickets 3.5.1
425 Relative links incorrect on main page in Wiki Completed Loek Hilgersom Defect 3.5.1
34 Event logging Accepted Jack Feature Core 4.1
83 Completed Milestones sort order Accepted Mythos Enhancement Roadmap 4.1
328 Timeline visual Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Feature Timeline 4.1
407 Ticket relationship enhancements Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Tickets 4.1
414 Project order alphabetically New fadattf Enhancement 4.1
420 Add a print stylesheet for better display when printing a ticket or a list Accepted Michel LAURENT Enhancement 4.1
423 Assign to group member Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 4.1
410 Custom fields not displayed on ticket listing Fixed Jack Defect Custom fields 3.4.3
403 Custom fields do not get saved at all Fixed fadattf Defect 3.4.2