ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
48 Enhanced Plugins Completed Jack Enhancement Plugins 0.6
330 Plugin page not working Fixed Holger Braehne Defect Plugins 3.0.8
122 Add more hook locations Completed Jack Task Plugins 2.0
131 Template Hooks Rejected Jack Enhancement Plugins 2.1
138 stripslashes in fishhook.class.php and admincp/plugins.php Fixed arturo182 Defect Plugins 2.0
139 Headerinc hook Completed arturo182 Feature Plugins 2.0
145 Wrong hook name Fixed arturo182 Defect Plugins 2.0
428 Plugin Hooks Accepted Jack Task Plugins 4.0
437 reCaptcha Plugin Accepted Jack Feature Plugins Future
216 Use Observer instead of hooks Completed Pierre Enhancement Plugins 3.0
223 Issue with classTextile.php Fixed Devon Hazelett Defect Plugins 2.3.2
268 Plain Text version of the Changelog Completed Jack Enhancement Changelog 2.3.7
100 Changelog suggestions Completed Mythos Feature Changelog 2.0
133 Hide certain statuses on the changelog Completed Jack Enhancement Changelog 2.0
212 Changelog change type sorting Rejected Mythos Enhancement Changelog Future
10 Timeline ID field in DB Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 0.3
23 Timeline RSS Completed Jack Feature Timeline 0.5
299 ERR login Invalid JDS Defect Timeline 3.0
312 Timeline bleeding between multiple projects Fixed Jamie R. McPeek Defect Timeline 3.0.5
326 Timeline display Completed Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement Timeline 3.1
328 Timeline visual Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Feature Timeline 4.1
334 Enhanced timeline Completed Jack Enhancement Timeline 4.0
336 Delete timeline events Completed Jack Enhancement Timeline 3.2
338 Ticket comment events not showing on timeline Fixed Jack Defect Timeline 3.1.2
159 Shorten the Timeline Completed Jack Enhancement Timeline 2.0