ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
320 When tickets list is sorted by a column all other sorting disabled Fixed John Hobson Defect 3.0.7
321 Severities table doesn't auto increment ID Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.7
337 Don't prepend slash to preview URL Fixed Jack Defect 3.1.1
340 Auto-Subscribe users New Riccardo Enhancement Better Notifications
342 Include multiple css files in a theme Fixed dyron Defect 3.2
343 After added column "Assigned to" fatal error Fixed sanchiz Defect 3.2
348 Ticket property hints Completed Jack Enhancement 3.2
349 The problem with the display name in cyrillic Fixed sanchiz Defect 3.2
351 Error when applying empty filter Fixed Nick Defect 3.2
356 Ability to give more than two replacements for plural Invalid Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement Future
357 PHP Warning array_walk_Recursive Fixed Nick Defect 3.2.1
358 Error when submitting new tickets Fixed Nick Defect 3.2.2
359 Theme CSS not loaded Closed Christian Weilguny Defect Future
362 Assigning tickets only to developers Completed Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement 3.2.2
365 Ability to display only opened tickets by default New Menelion Elensúlë Enhancement Future
372 Allow registration doesn't block guest registrations Fixed Silvio Delgado Defect 3.3
373 Page container - min-height Rejected Silvio Delgado Enhancement 3.3
374 Brazilian Portuguese translation done Invalid Silvio Delgado Feature 3.3
375 SQL error while creating new ticket in MySQL Strict mode Fixed Erwin Defect 3.3
376 Save filters New Valeriy Feature Future
378 Hide current filter settings Completed Valeriy Enhancement 3.3
379 site is not stable Invalid Valeriy Defect 3.3
381 Account Deactivation & Installation Security Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Feature 4.0
386 Formatting style guide Accepted Jamie R. McPeek Enhancement 4.0
388 Flow Back to Parent Site Completed Jamie R. McPeek Feature 3.3