ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
236 Append custom headers for mail function (notifications) Completed wr2 Enhancement 2.3.3
238 Localize the editor Completed Jack Task 3.0
250 Search Tickets Invalid Devon Hazelett Feature 3.0
254 Github Service Hook New Devon Hazelett Feature Future
262 Displaying ticket summary is not correct with áéíüűöő characters Duplicate Samu József Defect 2.3.5
263 Hungarian localization Invalid Samu József Enhancement 2.3.5
265 The corners in the menu are not rounded in FF 13.0 Fixed Trupik Defect 2.3.6
266 Users with only 'comment' permissions on tickets wipe out all ticket metadata Fixed Tilius Defect 2.3.6
269 The time_ago_in_words function should make use of the plurals feature Completed Jack Enhancement 3.0
272 Error thrown navigating to Project Settings Duplicate Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
273 Unable to set Allow Registration to No Fixed Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
278 URL "slug" format verification Completed Jack Defect 3.0
279 Permissions API New Jack Enhancement 4.0
287 Central Login for Traq Invalid Scott Lawrence Feature 3.0
293 Change Title Invalid car adriano Defect 2.4.0
296 Atom Feeds Completed Jack Feature 3.0
297 New hook in ticket.class.php Completed Tomasz Fidos Enhancement 2.4.1
298 Database Port Completed Jack Enhancement 3.0
301 Paginate timeline and ticket pages Completed Jack Enhancement 3.0
302 Errors for non-existent objects Fixed arturo182 Defect 3.0
303 Named translation placeholders Completed Jack Enhancement 3.1
304 Custom fields not working Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.1
307 Notification email headers issue Fixed Jack Defect 3.0.3
318 Escaped quotes shown in emails Invalid John Hobson Defect 3.0.7
319 Incorrect URL for column sorting in issues list Fixed John Hobson Defect 3.0.7