ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
12 SVN Browser Completed Jack Feature Core 0.5
17 BBCode instead of dodgy Wiki markup Completed Jack Enhancement Core 0.5
28 Imprint Closed Mythos Feature Core 0.5
18 Management for Type, Priority, and Severity Completed Radii Feature AdminCP 0.5
14 Separate comments with the Ticket Changes Invalid Radii Feature Tickets 0.5
15 Allow Guests to post Tickets Completed Radii Enhancement Tickets 0.5
16 Order of Tickets Completed Radii Feature Tickets 0.5
19 Being able to have an empty Milestone/Component Fixed Radii Defect Tickets 0.5
20 Updating tickets in completed Milestones changes ticket Milestone Completed Jack Defect Tickets 0.5
21 Update Ticket Summary Completed Jack Enhancement Tickets 0.5
24 Guests may submit a ticket option Duplicate Mythos Feature Tickets 0.5
30 Textile Closed Anonymous Enhancement Tickets 0.5
23 Timeline RSS Completed Jack Feature Timeline 0.5