ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
125 Per project permissions Completed justphp Enhancement Core 3.0
176 More permissions Duplicate MichaƂ Bajur Enhancement Tickets 3.0
180 Simplicity Closed Jack Enhancement Core 3.0
201 Add votes to ticket Completed Pierre Feature Tickets 3.0
202 Automatically watch newly created tickets Completed Pierre Enhancement Users 3.0
203 Private projects Completed Mythos Feature Core 3.0
211 User Profiles Completed Shamil Nunhuck Feature Users 3.0
213 Merge framework into repository Completed Jack Task Core 3.0
214 Markdown Completed Jack Enhancement Core 3.0
215 DB Safety Closed Devon Enhancement 3.0
216 Use Observer instead of hooks Completed Pierre Enhancement Plugins 3.0
229 Updates count column Completed vk Feature Tickets 3.0
235 Project Groups Completed Jack Feature Users 3.0
238 Localize the editor Completed Jack Task 3.0
239 Put ticket name first Completed arturo182 Enhancement Core 3.0
243 Password hashes are not salted Completed Trupik Enhancement Users 3.0
246 project tagging Closed Devon Hazelett Feature Tickets 3.0
250 Search Tickets Invalid Devon Hazelett Feature 3.0
251 Missing MySQL data Invalid Devon Hazelett Defect Core 3.0
260 Remove/CASCADE DB data Completed Devon Hazelett Task Core 3.0
269 The time_ago_in_words function should make use of the plurals feature Completed Jack Enhancement 3.0
270 A Summary page in AdminCP Completed arturo182 Enhancement AdminCP 3.0
271 Conflict with php internationalization extension Fixed Mark Serellis Defect Core 3.0
272 Error thrown navigating to Project Settings Duplicate Mark Serellis Defect 3.0
273 Unable to set Allow Registration to No Fixed Mark Serellis Defect 3.0